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Everyday Catering - Appetizers - Seafood
Build your menu by selecting any of the below:
Appetizers - Cold Seafood (2-3 pieces of each item)
Fully cooked prawns & scallops skewered and chilled for serving with cocktail sauce & Thai dip.
Curry seasoned crab & shrimp served in a crisp wonton shell.
Tuna seared to perfection and topped with an Asian slaw & wasabi aioli served in a crisp wonton shell.
Fresh basil and lemon zest add a summery twist to a marinated shrimp in a Belgian Endive.
Fresh salmon lox on rye bread with a dill cream cheese, red onions & capers.
Appetizers - Hot Seafood (2-3 pieces of each item)
Prawns & Scallops cooked and served hot in a garlic lemon pepper seasoning.
West coast salmon cubes marinated with herbs & spices skewered and served with an aoli sauce.
A mixture of crab meat, seasonings, & bread crumbs baked to perfection with a creamy dill sauce drizzled over top.
Prawns sauteed in your choice of Greek style herbs & spices or Lemon Pepper; served hot. (3 prawns per person)
Additional Information
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