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Business Catering – Traditional Hot Business Breakfast
This Menu Includes all of the Below:
Traditional Hot Business Breakfast
Selection of seasonal sliced fruit, such as; strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, watermelon, oranges, & pineapple.
A variety of freshly baked bite size muffins, scones, and danishes. (2 pieces per person)
Freshly cracked scrambled eggs topped with shredded cheese.
Crispy maple bacon, breakfast sausage, and honey smoked ham. (2 of each per person)
Homemade hashbrowns; diced and oven roasted with herbs & spices.
100% Columbian coffee made from Better Blend Coffee. Served with cream and sugar.
Additional Information
Minimum 15 people.
Add Bottled Water for $1.00 each.
Add Bottled Juice for $2.00 each.
Add Yogurt or Cinnamon Buns for $1.50 more!
** Deliveries are available from 8:00am onwards.**
The Price Per Person Includes
All Business Breakfasts Include:  Take out plates/bowls, cutlery and napkins. Sustainable dishes can be arranged.